Artists Gallery

There’s always something new on the walls at the Shadowbox! We exhibit original artwork by regional artists and every few weeks make room for more. Here is a showcase from some of our artists.

Come in and see what’s new!

Anita Leeman

Ann Guthrie
ann blue ann fall ann_say ann purple

Clayton Johnston
clayton_alders clayton_nottawasaga clayton_spring_stgeorge clayton_winter_stgeorge

Debra Shelswell
debra_shift debra ten debra intensity debra_cellular

Ingrid Seyffer
ingrid 1b ingrid yellow ingrid 3b ingrid 2b

Jane Wilson
jane 1 jane 2 jane

Kate Grigg
kate sunset kate 2 kate square kate brightening

Kathy Godfrey

Koi Jewellry by Amber McGarvey

Pam Johnston
pam willow

Will McGarvey
Will McGarvey Will McGarvey Will McGarvey Will McGarvey